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Simplify Tournament Management

Last updated: 2006-02-08

Planche 2010 is a fencing tournament software solution of the next generation, removing the boundaries imposed by existing fencing software.


You can use Planche 2010 on your desktop computer like any other desktop application. However if you need more functionality you can use Planche 2010 as a full-blown client/server system. This is useful if you want to have one (or more) computers running the competition(s) in the DT and a separate computer at the venue entrance for registrations.

In its current configuration Planche 2010 has a Two Tier architecture and does not use a potentially complicated database backend (Three Tier).


Planche 2010 is designed to integrate with its companion refereeing software Arbitre. This will eliminate the need to print out bout sheets and to enter the results manually. If the referee has a compatible PDA or cellphone you can transmit the bout data to the referee's device and have the results transmitted back either in realtime or after the completion of the bout!


Planche 2010 will allow you to write add-ins to customize the behavior of Planche for your needs and to add support e.g. for additional national or sub-national federations.

There's more!

Read about specific benefits of using the Windows edition or the Mac OS X edition of Planche 2010.